Unique Ideas For Kitchen Sinks And Faucets In Canada


The most important part of any house is Kitchen, as the kitchen is the only place from where each family member of the house is served with the good food. There is a saying “Happiness is a small house, with a big kitchen” Kitchen is not only used for making food but also there are plenty of other things that are done in the kitchen, like keeping Utensils, placing jars at shelves, pans and much more, the most important aspect is kitchen sinks and faucets where we wash our utensils. Kitchen sinks come in a lot of significant features like undermount double-bowl large/medium farmhouse kitchen sink and its faucet.

The kitchen sink must fit a minimum 36-inch apron sink base cabinet, which is the default size, the bowl size of  the sink should be large and medium. To wash utensils there should be an adequate amount of space required between the faucet and the person washing the utensils i.e 9" (229 mm) depth provides generous workspace. Self-Trimming apron overlaps the cabinet face for easy installation and beautiful results.

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Let’s discuss some of the unique ideas that can enhance the overall look and feel of the kitchen interiors or exterior.


  1. Straight Sides: Straight sides give you more room to place dishes. 
  2. Flat Bottom: Lets you arrange more glasses and dishes on the bottom of the sink without them falling over.
  3. Tight Corners: Similar to having a flat bottom, tight corners leave more room in the sink for upright dishes.
  4. Rear Drains: Since the plumbing doesn’t reach toward the front, there is room for more storage under the sink.
  5. Deep Bowls: Large pots and pans can be deeply immersed, and powerful faucets will have less oversplash.
  6. Offset Deck: Allows for a larger bowl on one side because the faucet is on the opposite bowl.
  7. Ease of Cleaning: Some materials hide water spots and food particles better. Others have antimicrobial finishes that help keep your kitchen clean.
  8. Durability: Some materials will handle impacts and high temperatures better.
  9. Sound Deadening: Some sinks will resonate with loud sounds from dishes and dispensers. Some materials absorb the sound better than others. If you are buying stainless steel make sure there are deadening pads on the underside.

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