Fin and Furn - Unique Ideas For Floor And Wall Tiles In Canada

Whenever we build a house or any building, flooring becomes an important discussion. This is because the floor can completely change the look of the decor. It can kill or add space. Not only the color but the type of the floor is an important point to keep in mind while the planning phase. The preference of which floor type changes from person to person, however, there is a certain types of floorings that are widely considered to be the best. Tiles are one of them. Tiles can be used on both the floor and the wall. Today there are many different types of flooring tiles in Canada available in the market that are perfect for their decor.

Let’s discuss some of the unique ideas that can enhance the overall look and feel of the interiors or exterior.

  1. Rustic decor is quite a trend today. People who miss out on the vintage classic look will love this interior in some special parts of the house. Especially in the kitchen or bathroom. Rustic kitchen wall tiles look unique and decent.
  2. Subway decor is in fashion since the early 90s and continues to be one still today. Not only does it add versatility to the space it makes one feel energetic. It is a failsafe idea to use such tiles no matter how much the space is.
  3. Mosaic Tile Wall: A new modern style of decor is to use of Mosaic tiles. A section in your house with mosaic tiles is a compulsory addition as it adds life and removes boredom. There are many different designs of mosaic tiles available today that can uplift one’s spirit at once. This is the one tile type that everyone will love to add to certain sections of the building. It can be wonderful to eye and trendy. You can keep an option Mosaic for kitchen wall tiles.
  4. Herringbone tiles: use of Herringbone tiles - tiles with classic patterns - are popular choices for those who prefer elegance and uniformity in the surroundings. Not only does it look ravishing but adds to the space. Herringbone tiles with a combination of some greenery look extremely pleasant to the eye and calm the mind from daily exertions. It is the best choice if one wants luxurious decor.
  5. Ceramic or porcelain stone-style tile is also a nice way to elevate the whole space. stone-style flooring tiles are the most common tiles used worldwide, are durable, easily found, and can be cleaned by simply sweeping and mopping. Large tiles give a widening effect to the room and enhance its size.

There can be n number of ideas when it comes to decor. Getting professional help will always be beneficial. They can show you amazing decor options according to your liking and that will help you enhance the entire interiors or exteriors. You can contact fin and furn to get opinions about the interior options and ideas. Visit to know more today. 

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